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Graceful, Stamina potions & more!


You can now receive marks of grace while training Agility, the formula is comparable to Old-school RuneScape's, however with a few adjustments. Decreasing to 20% chance will not happen for mark spawns unless your level is 45 levels higher than the course.

You can find Grace in the Rogues' den. (Teleport to Warriors guild and walk to the bar)

FrozenAge HD

After a long wait, I'm happy to announce the latest update; FrozenAge HD.

This update is more of an opening for the server, giving us more options for content.

When you login for the first time after this update, you will have a 15 second waiting period so the server can adjust any account details changed due to the update.

You'll find many new features within…

FrozenAge TeamSpeak

Due to some recent issues, I haven't had time to announce the new TeamSpeak server; initially we were having issues with connections, once fixed I was not able to give a proper release; so without further ado

You can now chat with other players and friends on our TeamSpeak, to connect, click here

You can manually enter the information on your client as:


The results are in!

Congratulations to the following players for being first in the following (of available skills) in order:

99 Attack - Victory
99 Woodcutting - Skillerz
99 Strength - Allah
99 Hitpoints - Andreas
99 Ranged - Zezima
99 Magic - Andreas
99 Defence - Chad
99 Fishing - Jeanviper
99 Crafting - I Chad I
99 Mining - Jeanviper