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Recent update

The latest update may have caused issues to existing accounts, if your account was affected in any way, please notify a FrozenAge moderator.

My absence

I wanted to let everyone know first hand that I haven't been online much, and probably won't be too active for an unknown amount of time due to family issues.

I will do my best to keep everyone updated and the whole team prepared for any server issues that may occur (hopefully none).

The Lost Kingdom

King Roald's Kingdom has fallen under attack, and he may need your help!

Give him a chat in the Varrock Palace to start the latest quest, and find yourself profiting a great reward!

In addition to the quest and a few back-end fixes, we are working on changes to make the server less "do it yourself", so it can be more enjoyable without the constant grind.…

FrozenAge TeamSpeak

Due to some recent issues, I haven't had time to announce the new TeamSpeak server; initially we were having issues with connections, once fixed I was not able to give a proper release; so without further ado

You can now chat with other players and friends on our TeamSpeak, to connect, click here

You can manually enter the information on your client as:


Game filter

As I'm sure most players will agree, doing repetitive tasks, such as Cooking, Fletching, Agility and more, can be annoying with all of the game messages received.

There is now a game filter, which will filter out more of the less informative messages!

After sifting through about ~2,500 game messages, some messages may have been missed which can…